Thursday, August 4, 2011


Setu ( The Study of the Enlightened U) along with Think Unlike is organizing a 2 day  Advanced Tarot Divination and Basic Angel Reading Workshop

The workshop guide is Dr Trupti Jayin who will share her insights into the subject and teach through her intuitive understanding over the last decade.

                              Just think of the opportunity you have !!


The Intuitive tarot is a method of learning the classical Ryder Waite Cards in a manner that you can remember all the cards and its meanings in an intuitive way. When you learn you tend to forget but when you become aware of the meanings of what you learn you can never forget. It’s a wonderful experience to understand you through the cards. Every stage of your life is reflected in them- your childhood, adulthood and old age. Every emotion is depicted in them and all the five elements are understood with them.
Once you have learnt the basic principles of Tarot it’s time to advance your skills. Tarot can be used for daily guidance, weekly predictions and life decisions. The astrological spread can help predictions of the future. This is an advanced skill where the planetary alignment can be deciphered.
The angel divination can be combined with it for further guidance and develop your inner godliness. Allow yourself to explore this dimension of your multilayered divine self.

Day 1 
v Revise the basic principles.
v The Kabbalah System
v Methods of Purification
v The Astrological Spread
v The Chakra Layout
v The Past Life Position  
v Understanding Planet Alignment

The DAY 2 Introduces the participants to angel cards and deeper divinations which will help in connecting to the higher dimensions and getting answers. 
Day 2: Practicals with reading Kabbalah Numbers of the cards.

v Introduction to Angel Divination
v Understanding Angels
v Angel messages
v Angel Meditations

Each one of us has the inherent ability to intuitively know more but we hold ourselves because of self doubt.  Let it go and dive into a wonderful experience with Tarot.

Tarot Divination: August 25th -26th  2011
Venue: To Be Announced.
Fee: 6,500/-
Contact Think Unlike
               Abhilasha Agarwal on   09903399990 or 08961848265
              Shreeja on +919831115757
Spiritual Guide:  Dr Trupti Jayin
Clinical Psychologist
Occupational Therapist
Past life Therapist
Tarot Dvination
Pythogorean Numerology
Feng Shui Master
NLP Facilitator
EMDR Facilitator                                         
Website :